Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Other Mothership

I take myself out to lunch every Friday. It's a little thing I do to celebrate getting through another work week. I have already established my love of books, so it should come as no suprise that Barnes & Noble is one of my favorite places to have lunch. It's like going to a small library with a cafe. What could be more awesome?

Sometimes I browse through books that I eventually buy. Sometimes I look at giant coffee table books that are beautiful and tempting, but I enjoy them and put them away because book space is at a premium at my house as it is. Also, I don't have a coffee table.

I get a kick out of browsing through oddball magazines such as Haunted Times, the only magazine whose publisher has a Telephone to the Dead. (That would be people who have shuffled off their mortal coil, not the Grateful Dead. Except, come to think of it, Jerry Garcia, who is both dead and Dead.)

I often think about working at Barnes & Noble, but then I remember that it's retail. I'd spend a lot more time dealing with people than with books. That's where the dream dies.

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