Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New At Sow's Ear Jewelry!

The new items I've put up at Sow's Ear Jewelry on Etsy in the past couple of weeks have been mostly variations on a theme.  Sometimes I get an idea in my head and I have to keep playing with it until it reaches its logical conclusion -- or until something else comes along to capture my attention and send me in a different direction.

This time it's been the geometrics trend.  The necklace above is very simple, relying on the "pop" the circles give it to make it interesting.  The circles are washers, of course.  I'm going to make myself one of these, since I can see it with practically everything I wear all summer long.

This is the same style of chain and the same size washers in a 35-inch necklace.  The washers are placed asymmetrically to add interest.  It was inspired by a similar necklace I made for myself and I wear a lot.  It's the perfect finishing touch for so many outfits.

These earrings coordinate with either of the necklaces above for customers who like matched sets, but they look great on their own as well.  I really like the classic-yet-modern feel.

My sister the equestrian (and a fan of my jewelry) was part of the inspiration for this necklace.  Another part of it was as simple as "Hmmmm.  I have eye screws.  I wonder what I can do with those."  I love how this necklace is a nod to the classic snaffle bit design while at the same time it's industrial and totally modern.

These earrings were also inspired by a person rather than an abstract idea.  Hattie loved the Steampunk Earrings made of reclaimed earrings and hardware I had in my shop, but she is very petite and needed something on a much smaller scale.  These are only 1 1/2 inches long from the top of the ear wire.  I textured the brass washers to complement the antique look of the silvertone hoops.  I'm really happy with the results -- and so is Hattie, who owns the originals.

Check out these pieces and the rest of my designs at Sow's Ear Jewelry!


Juneli said...

Some lovely pieces there!! I have a very similar pair of ear rings!

Disturbed Style said...

Amazing jewelry! I love it :)

rkbsnana said...

You did good, girl!

Maria said...

Thanks, Ladies!