Monday, February 06, 2012

R.I.P. Miss Jenna Dog

I report with great sadness that Miss Jenna, beloved dog of my friend and former co-worker The Fisherman, crossed the rainbow bridge last Friday.

I got to know Jenna because her she and her dad were inseparable.  She would sleep in the truck all day while The Fisherman picked up parts and repaired the boats.  Jenna' s birthday and mine were only days apart, so as fellow Cancerians we understood each other.  Or at least, I felt like Jenna understood me when I'd go to the parking lot outside the office to pet her and tell her my troubles.  A little dog love always made me feel better.

Jenna was the kind of dog who never met a stranger.  She was friends with all of mankind, and most of dogkind, too.  People would stop The Fisherman on the street to say "You've got a great dog there" -- which he knew, but he always thanked them.

Miss Jenna was a very popular old gal.  She leaves behind many friends and admirers, and of course, her devoted father.  Godspeed, Jennadog.

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