Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fly The Cute Skies

Anyone who knows me well is aware that while I love going to new places, I hate airplane travel.  It brings this introverted old maid into too close contact with the rest of humanity, its noise, its television preferences, and its astonishing selfishness.  I bring lots of reading material, which helps.  A little.

I could, however, get pretty excited about flying if I were taking off in EVA Air's new Hello Kitty Jets.

Dragging my bag and baggage (I always pack too much) through that long line to check in would seem so much nicer if at the end I got these cute boarding passes and luggage tags.

And look what pulls up to the gate!  Not just any jet, a special Hello Kitty jet!  Unfortunately, EVA Air is based in Taiwan, so I don't think they'll be adding a Providence - Tucson run before I take off in a few weeks.  That's disappointing for a lot of reasons, but mostly because flying in one of these jets would motivate me to pack lighter.  I'd need extra space to squirrel away one of those Hello Kitty seat cushions.

Even the food's cute!  Check it out at My Life In Food: A Culinary "Art" Journal.

Images: EVA Air via cnngo.com.

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Thrifted Shift said...

Oh my. Those are way too cute. That definitely would make flying a little more fun!