Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Etsy Shop Is Open!

One-of-a-kind reclaimed earrings with hardware accents $18

After some struggles with the online setup and learning to use a new camera (based mostly in my unwillingness to read directions), my Etsy shop is open for business!  My jewelry is made from repurposed hardware, reclaimed jewelry parts, and commercial findings such as jump rings and clasps.  Occasionally I make a piece out of all new jewelry parts, but not very often.

Hardware necklace $18

 The idea for this necklace came to me as a friend handed me a big coffee can full of hardware he wanted to get out of his house.  I thought, Oh look, a brackety thingy.  I wonder what I can do with it?  A little while later, I was at home carrying out what I'd pictured.  I've gotten lots of positive feedback on this piece, and the inspiration behind it really was as simple as that.

  Chunky hardware earrings $13

I liked this pair of earrings so much I made another for myself.  I love how I can wear a plain turtleneck and jeans, and when I put these on I look dressed. You know, like I made an effort.  I enjoy that in an accessory.

Modern chain bracelet $18

I didn't expect the photography process to be as fun as it is turning out to be.  I'm having a great time looking for just the right backgrounds and learning how to light the pieces properly.  The way I photographed this bracelet is my homage to Yves Saint Laurent's iconic mid-'60s Mondrian Collection.  But you knew that, right?

You can check out everything I have listed so far at  I've got more to list in the coming days, and lots of ideas going forward into the new year.

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rkbsnana said...

Hey, girl! I got your comment on my blog...thanks. I had trouble commenting on some at first but after I went into Blogger through Google, I haven't had problems. Don't know if it had anything to do with it. Good luck with your jewelry. I think there's a market for it.