Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday: A Day of Rest

I know I rarely post two days in a row, but I'm on injured reserve today and I'm looking for things to do to distract me from the fact that my house could use a lot more cleaning than it got this morning. Tonight I am volunteering as an usher at my dance school's recital and I'd like to feel good enough to be polite to all the people I will be greeting and helping to find seats. Also, since I dance at the school, I'd prefer to look more like a dancer and less like a decrepit old woman with a bad back.

Yesterday the Army Dude and I went for a death march walk at Tillinghast Pond in West Greenwich, RI. The thing about walking with the Army Dude is that he is very task-oriented and if he is going to walk, he is going to set a brisk pace - one, two, left, right - and he is going to keep that pace up until the trail ends or the enemy is defeated, whichever comes first.

I could ask him to slow down, of course, but I have my pride and I am going to prove that I can keep up with an Army Dude. But yesterday, surrounded by the beauty that is Tillinghast Management Area, I realized how much was racing by me and that although I could keep up, I didn't want to. So I slowed down and actually looked around me and enjoyed myself thoroughly. It is not how I hurt my back.

I didn't even hurt my back practicing for my Superhero ability in case I ever get it. If I could choose one Superhero ability, it would be flight. It's a selfish choice, because I'd be able to fly anywhere but without super strength or the ability to melt metal with a stare, I couldn't do much when I got there. So the choice is not about helping humanity. It's about the fact that I fly quite often in my dreams and I think it would be awesome to experience it for real.

Actually, I hurt my back later in the day, helping the Army Dude move furniture in his bedroom. Which sounds like a sexy euphemism, but is actually the plain truth. Yesterday's score:

Leather recliner: 2
Maria: 0

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