Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Eagles In Concert At Gillette Stadium

I went to Gillette Stadium at Foxboro to see The Eagles, Keith Urban, and The Dixie Chicks in concert last Saturday night. It was awesome! It was especially cool to see the Eagles in concert after hearing their music for most of my life. I don't know how Don Henley and Glenn Frey have kept their iconic voices for forty years, but they have. Joe Walsh, not so much - but the guy can still play a wicked guitar.

What I love about my fellow New Englanders: it was pouring rain and the stadium was packed with people ready to have a good time. Most of us came prepared with rain ponchos or raincoats; the few who did not were mostly young women sporting the wet-white-tank-top-and-black-bra look. Which, if that's your thing, rock on.

What I don't love about my fellow New Englanders: There is a Chatty VanTalkington at every event, and he or she always sits right behind me. This particular Chatty VanTalkington - or as his mother calls him when she is annoyed enough to use all three names, Chatty Jackass VanTalkington - was so loud he outshouted seven banks of speakers two stories high. I was not interested in his running commentary.

Luckily, Chatty Jackass left halfway through the Eagles' set. Something tells me he thought it would be smart to leave early and avoid traffic. Which, dude, it's the Eagles. They've been churning out hits since 1972 and they still sound awesome. What's a little rain and traffic compared to that?

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Beth said...


I am so jealous- I love the Eagles and I love outdoor concerts. I don't even mind the rain. My first Grateful Dead show was at an outdoor stadium in 105 heat and then it rained. It was so much fun.