Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There Are No Victims, Just Volunteers

My friends, it has been a trying few days. The Army Dude had to write an argumentative essay for the Army Dude School he is attending. I don't know why it was so difficult for him, since he was argumentative with me the whole time.

In his defense, it's been about twenty years since he wrote anything other than Army memos and reports. I volunteered to be the editor and proofreader, which is a fancy title for "bad news delivery girl." It was, as you can imagine, a perfect storm.

Just when I was wondering where I might be able to hide his body if I did him in, The Army Dude showed up with a really nice "Congratulations on Your Bar Mitzvah" card for my upcoming trip. By the time I finished laughing, he was forgiven.

The essay has been submitted, thank goodness. I've already told the Army Dude that if he calls me in July -- when the next essay is due -- I will answer the phone "G'day" because I will be in Australia for the duration.

Can you see those suitcases peeking up behind the chair on the left? STILL NOT PACKED.

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