Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mary In The Kitchen

This is my kitchen window, which holds two more Blessed Mother images. It's also home to a soap dispenser, the delft blue girl I brought from Holland for my grandmother (which I got back after she died) and a little blue and white bowl that holds my rings while I do dishes.

The candle is a Sacred Heart of Mary votive that I got at the grocery store. It says "Sagrado Corazon De Maria," and it's made in Mexico. It has the Mary's Magical Open Heart Surgery (With Flames) motif that totally freaked me out when I was a kid. But you know, you grow.

The other image to the right of the candle is more visible in the photo below:

It's a bread press. You press it down onto a slice of bread, and then once the bread is toasted or grilled, the image appears. Voila! Holy Toast.


Anonymous said...

I have the HOLY TOAST press, too.
That sure makes for happy eggs and bacon, huh?

Maria said...

Laura, it totally perks up my breakfast! I gave a friend the one with the Eiffel Tower that says "Bonjour!" She gets to have french toast anytime!