Friday, January 14, 2011

Maiden Aunt Explores The Great White North

Yesterday, the Army Dude and I decided to go snowshoeing in Greene, Rhode Island. We suited up and then the Army Dude began blazing the trail, as army dudes do; I took five steps and tripped over a wire. I had not yet adjusted to my new foot size. The Army Dude said, "You're not very athletic, are you?" I replied, "Shut up and take my picture."

Where I grew up, nobody had ever heard of Title IX and very few girls participated in organized sports. I danced instead -- and I don't recall Anna Pavlova getting rave reviews for doing her Dying Swan performance while wearing 25-inch flaps on her feet. But ha, ha, Army Dude! Just look at my skiing skills!

And now for some Extreme Snowshoeing! Note the level of danger and difficulty, my friends. I could plunge at least two feet off that precipice. Not athletic, my ass.


Rachel said...

I dunno your form in the second picture makes it appear to me that you know what you are doing. I mean, I can see you downhill snowshoeing with the rest of them. Army Dude clearly doesn't see athleticism if it knocked him in the head. Or stepped on his snowshoe.

Mimi said...

Love the pictures. Glad to see all the years of ballet are paying off.