Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I Don't Heart "Horizon Tireless"

I've mentioned previously that my internet access is unreliable. I finally got sick of it a week or so ago and made another call to "Horizon Tireless" to have them do some troubleshooting. The nice young man on the phone told me that there is a coverage problem where I live, which might be solved if I bought a booster to help my aircard pick up the signal. I accepted this answer - despite the fact that I live in Newport, Rhode Island, and not, for instance, at a research station in the Antarctic - and told him I wanted to think about it.

I had made the call early in the morning, and after a little caffeine, I began to question what had been said. My aircard has a phone number and uses a dialup connection. I was sitting in front of my computer talking to customer service on my "Horizon Tireless" cell phone. My understanding of how these things work is pretty sketchy, but logic seemed to tell me that both devices were probably getting similar, if not identical, signals from the same tower - yet I had no internet access.

The representative had suggested I move my computer around the house to see if I could get access in a different spot, so today I unplugged the aircard from my fancy new Gateway All-In-One and turned the hand crank on my old laptop. Would you like to know where I am right now? Am I sitting on the edge of the tub in the upstairs bathroom with a tinfoil hat on my head? No (not today, anyway). I am sitting at my desk on the first floor, with my laptop right next to my desktop.

Yesterday, I had to call "Horizon Tireless" for the third month in a row because one of the work cell phones keeps getting charged for their Navigator software, and the user has never downloaded it. Customer service explained to me that the phone gets sent a text, sort of like telemarketing, and when you click "OK" just to make it go away so you can use your damn phone, you've downloaded it. When I said that I'd like to express my view that this is not the most upfront way for the company to deal with its customers and I expected something better from "Horizon Tireless" (seriously, those were my exact words), I was treated to a lecture on the constitution protecting free enterprise.

I'm just not feeling the love for "Horizon Tireless" right now - and neither is my cat because I've commandeered her favorite napping spot on the lid of the laptop. I'm mostly harmless, but they should watch out for her. When she's annoyed, she says it with poop.


Beth said...

Just so you know, I followed you over from Carla's Closet. It is nice to know I am not the only one over 25 that is inspired by her style.

Cute blog you have here.

Maria said...

Thanks! :)