Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today's Outfit

I've been following some fashion blogs by real people who wear fabulous clothes and search for great vintage pieces, such as Karla's Closet, Va-Voom Vintage, Refashion, Recycle, Reuse, and Fidget Finds. It's fun to get a peek at what other people are wearing and how they put it all together.

This week, I've been amusing myself as I drive to work in the mornings by listing each item I'm wearing and where I bought it. It's entertaining because the girls mentioned above are wearing awesome finds and designer pieces and I'm wearing things that are far less fabulous.

So I thought I'd share:

The first thing I notice as I look at this picture is that I am really not photogenic - which is a polite way of saying I firmly believe I am much better looking than all photographic evidence has shown thus far.

The second thing I notice is how completely exhausted I look after 6 hours of praying for the sweet release of death work. My eyes aren't even all the way open. Maybe it's because the picture was taken on my phone. Yeah, that must be it.

Anyway, the clothes:
Black long-sleeved tee shirt: Walmart
Sweater: Kenneth Cole, from a consignment shop
Pants: New York & Company.
Trouser socks (yes, it's cold enough for socks here, dammit): Walmart
Shoes: Aerosoles, bought to wear to my sister's college graduation; she is about to turn 33
Flower pin: came pinned to a Body Shop gift bag I got a few years ago
Pearl stud earrings: were my grandma's
Freshwater and coin pearl necklace: a gift from a boyfriend before we started hating each other
Belt: Target

See what I mean?


Beth said...

I love it! I am a big fan and beige and black to begin with. I am laughing about your necklace. Why does the jewelry become so much cuter when they are on our sh$t list? Jewelry from nice guys is not as fun i guess. LOL

Maria said...

I think it has to do with feeling like the jewelry is payment for the hardships we endured.