Sunday, April 04, 2010

I Have Internet Access Today!

At least, I have it right now. That could change at any moment due to rain, or wind, or the earth's rotation, or the satellite having PMS, or whatever.

I've been trying to convince my internet provider (whose name shall remain anonymous, but it rhymes with "Horizon Tireless") that there is a problem, despite the fact that when I am talking to them, I am sitting in front of my computer on a cellphone whose access is also provided by them. One service is working properly and the other is not.

Customer Service and the folks at my local "Bland Tireless" retail store have suggestions about how I might work around the problem. But my opinion is that if I'm paying $59.99 per month (before they add surcharges, postage and handling, pain and suffering, etc.) for "unlimited access," I should have access. Not once in a while, not on sunny days only, not hours after my bedtime. Any old time I want to, I should be able to log on.

I honestly don't think that's too much to ask, but apparently "Horizon Tireless" disagrees. In the short time it has taken me to type this post, I've already been kicked off once.

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