Sunday, April 18, 2010


I had lunch the other day with a Friend Who Shall Remain Nameless For Reasons of National Security. He suggested that I've revealed too much personal information on my blog.

I asked him what he felt was too much. That I'm an old maid with a cat? My encyclopedic knowledge of show tunes? The fact that I may or may not look like my profile picture?

If my boss happened to read my blog, I don't think it would tell him anything he didn't already know about me. He's spent forty hours a week with me for almost four years now. He's aware that I take a weekly ballet class because I assault his eyes every Monday night with a view of me in dance pants and a sweatshirt when I change before leaving for the day. I regale everyone with tales of my cat pooping on my comforter at inopportune moments (I know you're thinking there are no moments worse than others for that to happen; you would be wrong).

The thing is, I don't work in a job that requires a security clearance. I don't even know if I could get one. The Feds would have to interview my mother and she'd probably tell them I was dropped on the head as a baby, they'd look at my medical records where my doctor has written "Completely nuts. Also, allergic to Zithromax," and they'd most likely hear about how I was almost some Mexican guy's child bride that time I went to Tijuana with my aunt and grandmother when I was fifteen.

I'm guessing that if you're the kind of person whose name on your friend's blog is Nameless For Reasons of National Security, your challenge probably centers around having relationships with other human beings without revealing too much of yourself - or at least, of what you do on a daily basis.

My challenge as a writer, on the other hand, is to say "Here I am, here is what I think about and maybe find amusing," and hoping that someone else enjoys what you have to say. Since my friend and I are both introverts by nature, I speculate that I have taken on the harder challenge.

Especially since my goal for 2010 is Global Domination, and as of today, I have about eight regular readers.


Brooke said...

I enjoy your writing style, loads of personally plus!

Maria said...

Thanks, Brooke! :)

pdg49 said...

you have me smiling! again.