Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Little Secret

Don't tell anyone, but I've been cheating on Gene Kelly.
First of all, there's Farnk Sinatra. Not the Frank Sinatra of Anchors Aweigh - although he was adorable in it - but the Frank of the 50s. By then he was divorced from Ava Gardner and had been knocked around a little by life. He came across on-screen as a world-weary man in need of a good woman's love. It made him irresistibly sexy.
Then there's Errol Flynn. Handsome, swashbuckling Errol Flynn who always got the woman, on screen and off. When I saw him leaping around in green tights in The Adventures of Robin Hood, I looked at my cat and said, "Is it getting warm in here, or is Mommy having a hot flash?" The guy had great quads and a gorgeous smile.
Ladies' men and world-weary brooders. Throw in the emotionally unavailable, and that pretty much sums up my dating history.

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