Friday, April 13, 2012

New This Week at Sow's Ear Jewelry

It's non-stop creativity here at Old Maid HQ, and I've never been so happy to get out of bed in the mornings.

I've got a few new items in the shop this week, plus I've spent some time revamping photos for a few items already in stock. As time goes on, I learn more about photographing jewelry and I get a better idea of how I want the shop to look, so I review older listings to see how I can improve them.

I made one of these bracelets for myself a couple of weeks ago.  I love wearing it and have received lots of compliments, so I made a few styles to put in the shop.  I'm definitely going to make a some more for myself, too.  I really like how they look grouped together.

My sister Rachel bought a pair of these quite some time ago and I'm finally getting some into the shop.  Those are fancy chrome-plated lock washers that are used on motorcycles.  Very shiny!  This pair is 3 inches long from the top of the silvertone ear wire. 

This is the same style in a smaller (2 inch long) size.  Did you know they keep the chrome-plated fasteners under lock and key at the hardware store?  Neither did I, but they do.  I always feel like I'm asking to view the crown jewels when I have the case opened.

This is one of the pairs I've had in the shop for a while but I shot some new photos.  They are the same style and size as the previous earrings, but made from reclaimed zinc washers with a pretty matte patina.  I really like the contrast of the matte and shiny finish.
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Jacquelineand.... said...

These would make great steampunk pieces as well!

Maria said...

I agree! Etsy allows me to use 13 keyword tags for each listing to help people find my work; one of the tags I used is "steampunk." :)

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

These are beautiful! I can't believe you made the earrings out of reclaimed washers! How clever!