Friday, January 20, 2012


Things have been quiet around Old Maid HQ, mostly because the old maid in question has had daily headaches for the past week or so.  I whined about it on Facebook the other day because seriously, why be on Facebook if I can't whine about life's little problems?

Anyhoodle, my original post read thusly: 
Headache AGAIN. How can an empty space hurt so much???

To which I received a few sincere expressions of concern and bits of advice.  And then, from the Team Maria President, this:

Easily answered Auntie.... You'll notice that you only get headaches on a windy day. Its because when you turn your ears into the wind, all that empty space between your ears forms a tunnel for which the wind can flow. Based on the Bernoulli principle we know that as wind velocity increases, pressure drops. So in that large empty space of yours a significant low pressure region develops which causes regular atmospheric pressure at 14.7PSI to compress the rest of your head thus creating the sensation of a headache. I know Homer Simpson got around this by renting that space to some hamsters with a fun hamster wheel on a monthly basis. You just need to make those hamsters sign a contract so they don't use their hamster wheel as a wind turbine in there.

When I met this gentleman five or six years ago, he was a mild-mannered smart guy working a smart guy job while wearing a coat and tie.  He had this sort of dry sense of humor where I never knew if I was laughing with him or at him, because I couldn't tell if he was purposely or accidentally funny.

And now, after years of exposure to me, he has become a smartass.  Take note, Gentle Readers.  This could happen to you.

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