Monday, January 16, 2012

New Necklaces at Sow's Ear Jewelry!

I've been thinking about contrasts: hard and soft, matte and shiny, industrial and romantic, new and distressed.  I played with those contrasts and came up with some new necklaces for my Etsy Shop.  I'm excited about how they came out.  Incidentally, the choker above is on a 20-inch satin ribbon, so it can be tied as a choker with a big, pretty bow in the back, or it can be tied at various longer lengths.

This piece of hinge was on the sidewalk on Newport's famous Bellevue Avenue, so you will be glad to know it's a better class of found object.  The patina is really gorgeous and I'm delighted with how the finished piece came out.  Would it be wrong for me to wear it until somebody buys it? (Yes, I know it would be wrong.  The necklace is safely stored in a tiny plastic bag waiting to go to its new owner.)

I like how this necklace has a tailored-yet-casual look.  I can envision it with a pair of jeans and a sweater or a crisp white blouse and gray wool pants.  The black patina on the two medium-sized hex nuts is some kind of finish they used to put on the hardware of ye olde stereo equipment.  So those parts are vintage and reclaimed.  It doesn't get much cooler than that.

I love the sculptural effect of his piece, and the contrast between the hardware and the ribbon.  It's a little heavier than some of the others, but it's still very comfortable to wear.

One thing I've noticed is how surprised people are when they pick up a piece of jewelry made from hardware.  In general, my jewelry may look chunky but it's very lightweight.  Just so you know. 

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rkbsnana said...

Girl!!! I need to send you a box full of the things my husband empties from his pockets at night. He picks up everything and brings it HOME!!! Washers, screws, nuts, bolts...shiny, rusty. They all look so pretty when you get done with them. Holler if you want them and I'll sneak them off to you.