Tuesday, December 06, 2011

New Items in my Etsy Shop

Dramatic Black & White Dangle Earrings $13

I love the combination of black and white. It always looks crisp, chic, and modern.  I liked the idea of black & white earrings to finish a black & white ensemble, add punch to an all-black outfit, dress up a white summer sundress.  The frosted glass beads pick up colors, too -- so the earrings can actually be worn with a lot of outfits.

Mixed Metal Dangle Earrings $12

I love the look of mixed metals.  Simple, modern earrings go with warm tones or cool tones, and they coordinate with  both silver and gold jewelry.  Or you can be on-trend and mix silver and gold in your other jewelry and wear these to bring it all together.

Three Circle Dangle Earrings $12

These earrings have a lot of fun movement, and they add polish to any outfit.  Slim jump rings give lightness to the stainless steel washers.  These are the earrings to reach for when you are looking for something not too big, but not too small.

Industrial Dangle Earrings $13

These earrings make a pretty bold statement.  While some of my other earrings incorporate hardware in such a way that the observer might not notice, the number of hex nuts here draws attention to the fact that they are hex nuts.  In a cool way.

One thing I've realized since I started wearing hardware jewelry a couple of years ago is that guys notice it, they can tell what it's made of, and they think it's cool.  I'm not saying for sure that wearing my jewelry will get you a date, but it might!

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