Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Auntie Appreciates Art

On Sunday, the Army Dude and I took a quick jaunt over a couple of bridges to the village of Wickford for their annual art festival. For those of you who ain't from around here, Wickford is not really on the map as it's a village within the town of North Kingstown and does not have its own zip code -- unlike the village of Greene, which is a village within the town of Coventry and does have its own zip code. It's this kind of dedication to inconsistency that has the tourists shrieking in despair by the time they get to Newport and are confronted with its maze of one-way streets without street signs.

The art festival is huge, with dozens of exhibitors from around the world. We walked down the pretty, tree-lined streets and looked at booth after booth containing art of all different kinds.

Image: peytonart.com

It's a tough call, but I think my favorite was the Wild Women and Dogs series by Peyton Higginson. I just love everything about the paintings: the colors, the details, the movement, the joy, the textures, the crazy hair.

The village itself is very interesting and pretty, with lots of historic homes and picturesque New England style churches. This steeple belongs to St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Main Street.

The big draw, however, was the Baptist church across the street. What they lacked in charming architecture they more than made up for in food. They had chowder, stuffies, hotdogs, hamburgers, and more. This strawberry shortcake was To. Die. For. The Army Dude took leave of his senses for a moment when we got to the food booth and suggested we share a strawberry shortcake. I didn't want to hurt him. But I would have.

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