Sunday, October 31, 2010

Off To The Military Ball

I know I threatened to wear trashtastic faux-military garb to the Military Ball, but let's face it: a middle-aged woman in an outfit like that is an invitation to a party nobody wants to go to.

My fairy godsister Rachel came through on short notice with this toile-printed dress. I chose to pair it with a cardigan and stockings because although I know it's more trendy to wear a boobie dress and bare legs, the temperatures were in the forties last night. I don't mind having my feet hurt for fashion, but I hate being cold.

Rachel also sent me some Moroccan Oil, which helped to get my hair smooth instead of curly. Be very impressed - that's a 45 minute hairdo right there. You won't be seeing it again any time soon.

What I'm wearing:
Dress by Mystic, borrowed from my awesome sister Rachel
Sweater by Mag Couture, purchased from
Shoes (even though you can't see them) by Mootsies Tootsies
Vintage jewelry, belonged to my Gram
Vintage handbag, belonged to my Gram


Annie said...

LOVE IT -- Belle of the Ball! Hope you had fun! :)

Penny Dreadful said...

I'm always a fan of toile print :)

Rachel said...

Your hair looks great now that I can see it up close! And the outfit looked great too although I still say MORE BOOBS!!!

Maria said...

@Annie & Rachel, thanks! I still feel I look like Michael Jackson: the Middle Years in most photos.

@Penny, I love toile, too. That's what sold me on this one as compared to the others Rachel offered.