Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That'll Learn Him

A few days ago - on Saturday, October 16, to be exact - the Army Dude blithely told me that he is expected to go to the Military Ball and he needs a date. On October 30th. He was certain it wouldn't be a problem. Surely I have something in my closet that would be perfect for the event. "Don't stress," he said.

Don't stress? Clearly, the Army Dude doesn't know me all that well. If the invitation says "Flannel Pajamas," I have a multitude of options. But for a ball? Not so much. I didn't just stress, I hyperventilated and began plotting his murder.

Fortunately, this little number will be perfect. After all, you can't spell Army Sergeant without a little T and A, amirite?


Penny Dreadful said...

A BALL? You have to make the most of this, those sorts of things don't come up often. Wear something long and sparkly and altogether fabulous.

Maria said...

They call it a ball, but in Army Lingo that's "Terribly boring event with speeches and a bad dinner, but we throw in a DJ later so you have to get dressed up. Suckers."