Monday, July 12, 2010


I have discovered the location of Hell. I even spent a little time there last week. Some of it was as I expected; other things about Hell came as a total surprise. To wit:

I expected Hell to have people of all races, nationalities, and levels of devotion to cleanliness, with the same look of suffering on their faces. I was not disappointed. The place was none too clean and full of noise. Being there was very, very, very boring. All as I might have expected.

What suprised me was that the place wasn't smoky at all and in fact was lit by a multitude of fluorescent lights. It wasn't unpleasantly hot, which may indicate that Dante was right and that the final circle of hell is encased in ice. Perhaps I was only a flight or two above that. The workers seemed to actually enjoy what they were doing, and I was seated in what appeared to be an old church pew - neither of which I was expecting, but which made total sense in retrospect.

I think the biggest surprise, however, was the location of Hell. Who knew that it was on Main Street in Pawtucket, RI? Then again, why not in Pawtucket?

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