Friday, December 18, 2009

Heat and Hot Water, Week 2

It's Friday night and the temperature outside is 27 degrees with a significant wind chill. The heat upstairs is working fine; downstairs it's COLD. I came home to whatever is happening - or not happening - with no communication from my landlord (who lives on the other side of the wall) or the people doing the work. So I once again have no idea if they think it's done and it's not, or if they plan to come back or if (because tomorrow is Saturday) I will be in my pajamas when they do. Not that it's a problem to get dressed bright and early, but would be nice to be kept in the loop.

I'm trying to remain positive while the work is being done. I'm happy that I no longer have to call my friend Leppy and say "this is the showering bandit coming to steal your hot water. What time is good for you?" I realize that in the grand scheme of things, it's merely an inconvenience. I'm healthy, my cat's healthy, the Christmas present I was afraid would be back ordered until January showed up yesterday, which completes my shopping.

But I was a property manager and I also know that lack of heat and hot water during the winter means my apartment is not up to minimal housing standards. I'm not being a cranky bitch - we are talking about the minimum.

So I'm officially a little discouraged after one week without hot water, three days with no heat, and two days with partial heat. In Rhode Island. In December. With a big snowstorm forecast for tomorrow night.

Actually, maybe the snow's not such a big problem. It's a great insulator.

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