Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fork You

Yesterday I learned to drive the forklift. It was TOTALLY FUN! I wish my car had that kind of maneuverability. It would make parking in my small New England town so much easier.

I moved a pallet with empty bait barrels on it around the shop, so I got to use the forks and everything. Only toward the end did I realize the forklift had a rearview mirror. I'd been turning around and taking advantage of my yoga-trained flexibility. So I decided to use the mirror to fluff my hair and apply lipgloss. The Port Captain found that kind of funny. I'm not sure why.

At the end, I backed it into a corner, right up next to some lobster traps. I kept saying I was a Worker's Comp claim waiting to happen, but there were no casualties.

Now I'm wondering what else is totally fun that the mens have been keeping from me. The vote, peeing standing up, changing the oil in my car... the mind boggles.

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