Sunday, May 15, 2011

Katie Goes To Paris (On A Steeek)

Katie At The Eiffel Tower

As I mentioned in a previous post, my niece Katie wanted me to bring something of hers with me to Paris -- specifically, a stuffed animal she's had since she was a baby. I didn't like that idea (suitcase space being at a premium) so I came up with Katie on a Steeek. I thought my gentle readers might enjoy a peek at a few of the pictures.

I spent quite a bit of time in the past couple of weeks putting together a scrapbook of all the pictures I took of Katie in Paris. I wrote a little story and drew cartoons and things to go along with the pictures. It took A LOT longer than I had anticipated, but it was fun and she loved it.

Katie Inspecting A Statue On The Pont des Invalides

Actually, in the interest of full disclosure and giving credit where it's due, I totally stole the idea from Monica of 5 Cats Shy, who takes pictures of Catwoman at different locations and posts them on Catwoman's facebook page.

Katie In The Garden At Chateau Versailles

This Katie On A Steeek is a picture of her in Halloween makeup. I thought it went really nicely with the flowers. She looks like she belongs there, doesn't she?

Katie Shoots A Cannon At the Musee de l'Armee

I even got The Foodie involved in taking some shots. He was a really good sport about it -- we got more than a few funny looks taking pictures like this all around Paris.

Katie And Auntie Figure Out The Metro Map

The Foodie took this one as well. It gives you a good look at how complicated the Paris Metro system is, how freakishly long my fingers are, and the feature that makes the TSA suspect me of terrorism (hint: it grows out of my head in curly abundance and draws latex-gloved hands like a magnet).

Katie With Mysterious Costume and Instrument

This one is my favorite. The Foodie and I came across this pile of pink satin and gold lame one afternoon in the Marais. There seemed to be no explanation for it. It was like a drag queen had suddenly disappeared in a puff of fabulousness, leaving behind only a costume and a ukelele.

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