Monday, April 18, 2011

The Seine

These are for you, Mom.

On my first full day in Paris, our group (consisting of The Foodie, The Cop, The Former Farmer, and me) took a walk along the Seine. I kept looking around in a daze and saying "This is so awesome. I can't believe I'm here."

The Seine is truly the heart of Paris. Fun fact: the distances shown to various major European cities on all the signs in Paris are measured from a certain spot at Notre Dame cathedral, which is on Ile de la Cite in the middle of the Seine. (Thanks to Emily of Tomato Kumato for that fun fact.)

My mom wanted to see pictures of the Seine and advised me to pick out my favorite bridge. Here it is: Pont Des Invalides. I like it because it's fancy, obviously.

I mean, it's really fancy. I has gilded sculptures in the middle and gilded monuments at each end.

There were pretty vistas everywhere I looked.

Not to mention interesting people-watching opportunities.

The Pont des Arts is the place to go in Paris if you're in love. Couples attach locks with their names on them to the ironwork on the bridge. These locks are conveniently sold in the little kiosk shops along the Seine.

It makes me wonder if Parisians threaten each other with bolt cutters instead of divorce. (Hopeless romantic, that's me.)

On our last night in Paris, we rode up and down the Seine on one of the Bateaux Mouches. Paris is lovely during the day; at night, it sparkles.

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Mimi said...

WOW! It really is the way they portray it in movies. "Charade" has Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn riding one of those boats and watching the lovers along the banks of the Seine. Really, you must go back again (and take me with you?)