Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hello, Hello

I was sitting at a stoplight behind a schoolbus the other day when I noticed the high school kids in the back looking at me. It's amazing how fast your mind can go from that of a mouthy middle-aged woman to a self-conscious teenager.

Within moments I was uncomfortable - worried about what I was wearing, checking my hair surreptitiously in the rearview mirror - and telling myself they were looking at someone else. Then they started waving at me. Definitely at me. So I waved back because I was not going to let a bunch of kids not old enough to vote see me sweat. They smiled at me and at each other, and as the light changed I still wondered what all that was about.

Then I hit the gas and the Hello Kitty bobblehead on my dashboard nodded. Clearly the kids in the bus were impressed by my pimped-out Hyundai Accent and were letting me know they thought I was cool.


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