Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Computer = Insanity

I bought a new computer and aircard last weekend, and you would not believe the drama I made out of it. To hear my anxiety-riddled mind tell it, I was taking food from the mouths of my starving children or that I had no idea where I'd plug in the power strip in my cardboard box near the overpass. Never mind that I live in a nice apartment, and that I have plenty of food, clothes, heat, and Hello Kitty pajamas. I was sure that by spending a few hundred bucks, I was headed to rack and ruin.

My previous computer was six years old, and for the last three, due to circumstances in the building, I have not had reliable internet access. This was not an extravagant purchase. And yet, I was awake in the night, wondering if I'd made a huge mistake and was steering straight toward financial disaster. Or that I'd simply irritated The Universe beyond all reason with my selfish desire for a new computer - and in response, The Universe was going to send me plagues of boils, fire, and locusts.

Now I'm anxious because I just learned, inadvertently, that if you sit down at a computer with a touch screen and you lean forward to tuck your bathrobe underneath you, settings can be changed by your head. The screen suddenly looks different, but I have no idea what I did.

I really ought to be committed.

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